Made to Order Bakery Bags

  • $17.50

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Great for those of you who like to do your own blending!!!! Our signature Hexagon and Bee shapes available as single scent notes.

~Each hexie can be cut in half for smaller warmers or use a whole hexagon for larger ones.  

~These are offered as larger bags to make it more cost effective to order your favorite customs!! If you'd like a smaller custom or a triple layer scent, please see the MTO Bars or Layer Cakes.

~We don't pour Triple Layer scents in such small molds so if you don't see a scent offered in bakery bags, its likely a layered scent.

~If you order 2 or more scents and would like us to mix them and bag them together for you, please indicate in the notes which combinations you would like and we're happy to do it! We can mix as many or as few as you dream up! Just leave us lists in your order notes!