Wax Faq

What are wax melts?

Our wax melts are highly scented, hand poured wax that you can melt in a variety of bulb, tealight or hot plate warmers to scent your home without the risk of open flame (or soot that comes with burning some candles)

What is a “throw”

A throw refers to the power of the scent on cold sniff and/or when melted.

How do I use them?

We advise cutting scent shots into thirds or halves and melting them in a wax warmer for 4-8 hours ( they’ll throw scent longer, but 4-8 hours is peak use). For larger loaves portions of 1-1.5 oz of wax are ideal.

How do I change waxes?

There are several methods. You can simply turn off your warmer, let the wax resolidify, then turn it back on and just pop the wax cake out after its warmed up for a few seconds ( but before it re melts)

You can simply dump the wax into a waste container while it’s hot, or place 1-2 cotton balls into the melted wax until absorbed and toss them or use them as fire starters!

What sort of wax do you use?

Our melts are made from a custom proprietary blend of paraffin and parasoy wax. While our formula is mainly paraffin, we do recommend 2 weeks of curing for optimal scent throw. Any curing beyond that is just icing on the (wax) cake!

Do you use Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are not cost effective to use in wax melts, nor are they all safe when degraded by heat! Our Wax melts are scented using the highest quality Fragrance Oils available. 

I'm not getting any throw from the wax!

Our wax has been tested in a variety warmers to give superior throw. If you are experiencing issues, try moving your warmer to a new spot, away from vents or drafts. Check to make sure you haven't melted too much wax. Less is more and overloading the melting dish makes it hard for the heat to properly disperse the fragrance.

How Should I store my wax?

Store in a cool dark place. Prolonged exposure to light can degrade the colors ( or cause the natural Vanillian to turn yellow) Wax Should be kept ONLY in POLYPROPYLENE bags.

Why can't I store my wax in Ziploc bags? 

Ziplocs and other bags are not suitable for storing wax long term. The plastic is a lower grade, and allows the scent to slowly leech out of the wax, greatly reducing the throw when melted. We offer affordable add-on polypropylene bags and PolyPro lined bakery bags if you wish to purchase additional storage supplies.