Master Scent List

A complete list and description of our current and past offerings (Current as of 1.16.2019)                      

Ale's Eggcellent Nog: Hints of Whiskey and Bourbon tossed in a creamy mix of Vanilla and Spices on a bed of Cream make for an excellent party

Alexandra of Kent: Fragrant Tea Rose with sunny Lemon and fresh Blackberry

All Hallows Eve: Cider, Pumpkins, wisps of Citrus, Spice, and a slight hint of Fall Breeze

Alnwick Rose: Old Rose and Sun-Ripened Raspberries

Alpine Hike: Sun on the Snow + Doug Fir + cool Peppermint (Triple Layer Scent)

Amortentia: Love Spell (Fruity Floral with Citrus and Cherry Blossom) and Sparkling Limoncello

Antoinette's Sour Bonbons: Sour Raspberry Candy

Apple Pickin’ Tree: Sweet Apple carried on the Breeze mixed with Crushed Clover and Fresh Green Grass

Avobath: A whopping power punch of Refreshing Lemongrass and Invigorating Citrus

Baby Girl’s Fave Blanket: Babysnatcher + Cotton &  Blossoms (Split Scent)

Baby Snatcher: Apricot and Wild Stonefruit drenched in Cream and blended with Burts Baby Bee for a truly squishable scent. (A Golden Willow House Blend)

Bahamian Queen : Coconut, Nectarines, Mango, and Oranges, blended with Pineapple and a dash of Lemon-lime. Very summery!

Bali Ha’i: Sweet Pineapple, Acai Berry, Mango, Tart Passionfruit, Yuzu Zest, Green Apple, Orchid Leaves, and Musky nuances that blend to create the perfect tropical escape

Barbara's Prize Winning Pie: Flaky Pastry + Bumper Crop Jam + Tart Rhubarb blend to make the best old fashioned summer pie! Dedicated to my beloved Grandma (Triple Layer Scent)

Beach Bonfire: Marshmallow Flambé  + Beach Hair + Equinox

Beach Bunny: Coconut Bra + Beach Hair + SPF 100 (Triple Layer Scent)

Beach Hair: Notes of Crisp Ozone, Salty Sea Spray on sun-kissed skin, a hint of Driftwood, and the slightest whisper of Water Lily

Bear Creek Comice: Named for my favorite local WA Pears and the farm they grow ‘em on. The most delightful mix of Warm Sugar and perfectly ripe Orchard Pears

Beastie Boys Café: I like my sugar with coffee and cream! Dreamy Crème Horns (Caramel Cream
Puffs) topped with a healthy cup of Turkish Hazelnut Espresso

Bellini Whip: Dole Whip + Georgina Bellini (Triple Layer Scent)

Benjamin Britton: Rose Jam mixed with sweet Raspberry, fresh Citrus, and hints of bright Floral

Berry Bubble Blast: Mixed Berries and Soda

Berry Lemonade: Tart Lemonade mixed with a flirty blend of Berries!

Black Friday Breakfast: Crisp, Yeasty Pumpkin Waffles, drenched in Dark Maple Syrup with Toasted Pecans and tossed in Brown Sugar (Pumpkin Pecan Waffle type)

Black Lagoon: Earthy and Fresh Ylang Ylang and Lavender with the barest hints of  Honeysuckle on a base of
Greenery and rounded out with Ambergris.

Blackberry Burst: Intensely realistic Juicy Tart Blackberry

Blackberry Buttercream Pie: Juicy Tart Blackberries, Creamy Vanilla, Buttercream Pie, and Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies (A Golden Willow House Blend)

Blackberry Soda: Bright Blackberries and Sparkling Soda

Blueberry Boy Bait: Rich Buttery Cake studded with Juicy Blueberries, and the barest hint of Nutmeg and Mace. Inspired by a favorite recipe from Smitten Kitchen

Blueberry Parfait: A base layer of Flaky Pastry, Tart Blueberry Parfait, topped with a layer of Creamy Whip (Triple Layer Scent)

Boardwalk Baby: Bumbleberry (Blackberry, Apricot, Strawberry with middle notes of Lavender, Sweet Pear, and Jasmine) and Salt Water Taffy

Boscobel: Woodsy Myrhh blended with fragrant Rose, lush Elderflower, and refreshing Pear

Brazilian Coconut Butt: Coconut Bra with Hints of Caramel Crème this is our interpretation of Sol De Janero’s
Coconut Crème Water Lotion

Bumper Crop Jam: A mix of all the summer Fruits mingling together with a healthy dose of Sugar and Vanilla

Cactus Hour:  Fresh Florals blend with creamy Coconut on a bed of Sandalwood and Musk (Baja Cactus Bloom Type)

California Lumberjack: Woodsman + Redwood and Cedar (Split Scent)

Candy Cane Crunch Cakes: A delectable Mint Cake blend with a Drizzle of Chocolate (Reformulated)

Candy Cane Crunch Cakes: Vanilla Buttercream Crunch Frosting on top of rich Candy Cane Cake

Candy Corn Creme Pie: Pumpkin Vanilla Marshmallows + Sugary Waffle Cone + Buttercream Pie (Triple Layer Scent)

Carrie’s Last Dance: Fresh picked Strawberries on cloudy Cotton Candy with a Vanilla Bean Noel background (aka Middle school Dance)

Christmas at Cannon Beach: Doug Fir + Beach Hair + Peppermint Swizzle Sticks (Triple Layer Scent)

Christmas Kraken: Beach Hair + Peppermint Swizzle Sticks. Salty Sea Air with a heavy hit of Mint. Ice cold refreshing! (Split Scent) (aka Kraken)

Citrus Sun Tea: Three Wishes Tea (Peach, Rooibos, Rhubarb, Marigold) blended with Black Tea

City of Roses: Freshly falling Rain, Fragrant Rose, and Meadowsweet combine to represent our favorite city of Portland!

Clara: Bright Strawberry with Creamy Peppermint

Clever Girls Fall in Love: Amber Romance and Warm Vanilla Sugar (Amber Romance type)

Cocoamo: Creamy Coconut on a bed of Limes with a dash of bright Verbena

Coconut Bra: Raw, creamed Coconut with traces of Salty Sea Air and a hint of Amber

Columbia Overcast: Smells like Berry picking on an overcast day! Tart Blackberries, freshly cut Bay Leaf and Brambly Vines with a hint of verdant Shaded Woods.

Come Round Hagrid’s: Bold notes of Maple Sugar, Steeped Tea, and Woodsmoke on base notes of Robust Whiskey

Constantine’s Café: Rich dark roasted Coffee on bed of Turkish Hazelnuts

Cool Those Hands, Luke: Cooool Cucumber and Mint. For when life is getting grabby and you just need to chill

Corey Cleans House: Sugared Lemon with Cotton & Blossoms

Corey's Country Clothesline: Corey Cleans House + Grass Stains (Split Scent)

Cotton & Blossoms: A subtle blend of Jasmine, Violet and Gardenia, with a Sparkling Lemon Zest Twist. Just a hint of Vanilla on the dry down. The cleanest of laundry! 

Cotton Candy Cream Cheese Frosting: The sweet sensation you've been wanting! Sugary Candy and Creamy Frosting! A sugarholic's dream come true!

Cotton Candy Daydreams: Sugar-sweet Cotton Candy mixed with Cotton Blossom 

Coven: A mellow, rich autumn blend with bright notes of Cinnamon, Apple, Peach, sparkling wild Berries and just a hint of Clove

Cranberry Chutney: A traditional blend of Zested Orange and Spiced Berries steeped in Crisp, Tart Cranberries

Crème Horn: Sweet Bakery Dough blended with Caramel Crème Custard

Cuddle Puddle: Fresh Linen and Warm Vanilla Sugar (A Golden Willow House Blend)

Dance of the Sugar Plums: A blend of Buttery Pastry and gently Spiced Sugar Plums (Split Scent)

Dandy Shandy: Sun-ripened Raspberries, Sweet and Tart Lemonade, and a hint of Beer. Think more floral IPA, less yeasty swill

Derby Days: Muddled Mint Leaves, Lime Juice, Sparkling Sugar Cane and hint of Lemon Zest (Sparkling Mojito type)

Derby Lemonade: Derby Days + Sparkling Lemonade (Split Scent)

Dobby's Best Socks: Clean Cardamom, understated Rose, and Cedar Wood. Clean and calming, with a nice soft finish

Dole Whips: Juicy Delicious Pineapple + Vanilla Whipped Cream (Split Scent) (A Golden Willow House Blend)

Don’t Call me Nymphadora: Pink Berry and Tonka Bean

Donuts with Draper Girls: Crisp Apple Cider, Warm Fried Dough dipped in Cinnamon Sugar (Cider Donut Type)

Double Tart Melonade: A layer of Melonadewith an added helping of zippy, bright, tart Lemonade (Split Scent)

Doug Fir Lounge: Doug Fir + Hearthsong (Split Scent)

Doug Fir: A Forest of fresh Pacific Northwest Pine

Draper Lane: Sweet Apple Cider, rich creamy Caramel and a hint of Spice (Cider Lane Type)

Drought Resistant Lawn:  Cactus Hour (Fresh Flowers and Coconut on a base of Sandalwood) + Fresh Cut Grass (Split Scent) ( A Golden Willow House Blend)

Dumbledore’s Password:  Sweet Meyer lemons tossed in Sugar with a hint of tart Berries (aka Lemon Sugar)

Earl of Waters: Aqua di Gio and Earl Grey Tea (A Golden Willow House Blend)

Eleuthera: Like the breeze off the water from my favorite Island on earth. Beach Air kissed Coconut and Dragonfruit give way to Jasmine, Frangipani, and Passionflowers. End notes of Musk and Sun Bleached Driftwood

Elf Floss: Peppermint Swizzle Stick +Cotton Candy + Pink Sugar (Triple Layer Scent)

Equinox: A deliciously bold blend of Ground Cinnamon Stick, Nutmeg, and Clove layered with Apple, Cedar and Sandalwood for a woodsy manly effect. (Autumn Night Type)

Eton Mess: Lemon Curd + Marshmallow + Raspberry Sauce (Triple Layer Scent)

European Holiday: A blend of invigorating Leafy Greens & Bright Florals, Basil, Citrus, with notes of Amber and Musk on the dry down. Traditional blend used in body washes in the bathhouses of Germany, France, and Belgium.

Evelyn: Old Rose and juicy Peaches on a background of bubbly-sweet Moscato

Evenstar: Light and creamy, true Floral Elderflower

Fall Market Lunch: A crispy French Baguette slathered in Apple-Pumpkin Butter and Sweet Cream Butter  (Triple Layer Scent)

Fall on the Fruit Loop: Ripe, Juicy Golden Peaches and Sun-warmed Apples, with hints of Spice and the slightest note of Wood Smoke. Fall Air on the dry down

Fall Streusel Muffin: Warm, fragrant Pastry, Apple, Pumpkin, and Spiced Streusel

Fiji Pop: Bubbly, fruity, and sweet Tropical Fizzy Fruit Punch

Firefly Memories: Subtle Citrus Sparkle is followed by earthy Moss and exotic Blossoms, finished with Soft Amber, Vanilla Musk, and an Indonesian patchouli dry-down. (VoluspaType)

Fizzing Whizzbee: Blackberry Burst + Fizzy Pop + Tart Green Apple (Triple Layer Scent)

Fizzy Pop: Straight Fizzy Soda with a hint of Lemon-lime. An excellent blending scent

Flaky Pastry: Warm Vanilla with generous amounts of Butter, Wheat-y Pastry and the barest suggestion of Spice. A perfect blending scent. The flakiest of Pie Crusts!

Frank E. Stein: A heady men's cologne. Dark and mysterious with a hint of Mint and Clary Sage

French Baguette: Fresh baked yeasty bread, straight from the oven to your nose!

Fresh Picked Strawberry: Fresh picked Strawberries with hints of Dirt, Grass, and Sunshine 

Gallowglass: Rosemary Mint + Salty Sea Air (Split Scent)

Georgia Goes to Florida: Sweet, juicy Oranges with Sun-Ripened Peaches

Georgina Bellini: Delectable Peach Nectar, Bubbly Champagne and just a hint of Orange Juice

Ginny Weasley Drinks Martinis: Spicy Zippy Ginger mixed with Tart Apple. Invigorating, a little offbeat, and very refreshing

Girl, You So Salty: Bracingly clean Sea Salt tossed with Sweet Yuzu Citrus 

Gooey Apple Bars: Snickerdoodle Pastry, Gooey Caramel Apples, and a lucious topping of Marshmallow Fluff (Triple Layer Scent)

Grass Stains: Fresh Cut Grass and Sweet Summer Air. 

Green Apple Pop: Pure essence of Crisp Tart Green Apples bursting with juice on a background of Effervescent Fizzy Soda

Grimoire: Smoky Fragrant Fire, Woodsy Herbs hung to dry, a hint of Burnt Sugar. Layers of Pumpkin-Apple Butter and Spice swim on Aged Leaves bound up in the family Book of Spells

Guarapo Costeño: Fresh Lime, Sugarcane, Pineapple, Blood Orange, Palm Grass, Lemon Mint and Kona Sugarloaf. (Rainforest Sugarcane Type)

Hamilton Rose: Beautiful classic Rose with Winter Candy Apple and Macintosh Apple

Hanky Panky: Lovespell (Fruity Floral with Citrus and Cherry Blossom) + Winter Duvet (split scent)

Hearthsong: Gentle, twilight Zephyrs and Bonfire, with notes of dried, wind-blown Leaves, Heliotrope, Charred Pine and Cedar, hints of Smoky Sandalwood on a background of Roasted Vanilla Marshmallows and Caramelized Sugar. A perfect unisex scent

Hermione’s Bluebell Flame: Gentle, twilight Zephyrs and Bonfire, with notes of dried, wind-blown Leaves, Heliotrope, Charred Pine and Cedar, hints of Smoky Sandalwood on a background of Roasted Vanilla Marshmallows and Caramelized Sugar. A perfect unisex scent (aka Hearthsong)

High Tea: Rich Steeped Tea, Decadent Cake, and a hint of Citrus

Holiday Cocktails: Sparkling Prosecco with a generous dash of Pomegranates

Holiday Drank: Sparkling Pomegranate and Prosecco with an extra hit of Fizzy Pop

Ice Cream Cake: Tillamook Creamery + Watermelon Cake (Split Scent)

Iced Lemon Bundt Cake: Rich Buttery Pound Cake with a healthy hit of Lemons and Frosting!

Jan's Orchard Day: Sweet and Tart Vermont Honey Apple (type)

Jessie, Bake a KringleCake!: Vanilla Bean Noel+ Kringleberry (Split Scent)

Jessie, Wash Your Hair!: Woodsy Rosemary and Invigorating Mint on a bed of Creamy Vanilla Musk (Aveda Type)

Jessie's Cinnamon Broom: Like walking into a fragrant craft store in the fall! Hot Cinnamon, Falling Leaves, and Pine Cones

Jo March: Fresh English Pear and fragrant, yet understated, Freesia pair in this unique fragrance (Jo Malone Type)

Jude the Obscure: Sparkling effervescent Moscato mixes with a hint of Guava and Tropical Fruits with only the slightest hint of Old Rose on the end notes. Inspired by the David Austen™ Rose of the Same Name. ( A Golden Willow House Blend)

Ka'iulani: A cascade of Gardenia, Plumeria, Pikake Blossoms, Tuberose, Lily, and Climbing Jasmine (Kai type)

Keep off Dirigible Plums: Juicy Spiced Plums, a hint of Berry, and a dash of Pine.

Kim’s Christmas Cauldron: Amish Friendship Bread + Buttercream + Spiced Cranberry Chutney (Triple Layer Scent)

Kimberly’s Cauldron Cakes: Warm notes of Cake, Sweet Sugar, and Cinnamon. Amish Friendship Bread

Kraken: Beach Hair + Peppermint Swizzle Sticks. Salty Sea Air with a heavy hit of Mint. Ice cold refreshing! (Split Scent) (aka Christmas Kraken)

Kringle Kisses: Mistletoe Kisses with a Cranberry Chutney  topper (Split Scent)

KringleBerry: Cinnamon Brooms give way to tart Cranberries, Cherries, Currants and a hint of Winterberry. Reminiscent of your favorite craft store or boutique shop

Lady Brunch: Rose Jam in effervescent Champagne (Rose Jam Type)

Laundry on the Line: Super clean fresh Laundry dried in the Sunshine and open Air, mixed with a Berry Flirt Type (Red Berries and Blonde Woods with bright Grapefruit accents and a heart of White Flowers.)

Lemon Sugar: Sweet Meyer Lemons tossed in Sugar with a hint of Tart Berries

Lemonade in the ShadeA refreshing mix of fresh muddled Lemon Balm and Spearmint, blended with Vetiver and Zesty Citrus. More grown up cocktail hour, less corner lemonade stand!

Light of the Eldar: Dark Juicy Blackberry, Woodsy Green Herbs, Silver and Golden Elderflower. A scent straight from Middle Earth <3

Lilacs and Raspberries: Heady, fragrant Lilacs with sweet-tart Raspberries

Lorelei’s Welcome Wagon: Iced Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins. Delightfully rich but not too sweet

Love in the Garden: Lilacs, Butterfly Bushes and softly sweet Ripe Raspberries tossed with Pink Sugar (Cotton Candy, Tart Pink Berries on a bed of Sugared Musk)

Lumberjack Laundry: Clean Cotton, Soaring Earthy Redwoods, and a hint of Earthy Forest Air

Luna Does Her Laundry: Soft but sweet Vanilla Lavender (Downy inspired blend)

Luna Goes Coconuts: Invigorating Lavender on a bed of Creamy Coconut Milk

Luna Goes to Florida: Invigorating Lavender blends with Juicy Clementine

Luna’s Apple Orchard: Lavender, Oak, and Macintosh Apple create a blend reminiscent of late summer in the Orchards heavy with Apples

Ma Ingalls: Apples, Citrus, and Pumpkin, with hints of Sun-warmed Hay and Nutmeg. Exactly how you dreamed the Ingalls’ attic would smell

Mac Apple: A perfect balance between tart and sweet in this pure Macintosh Apple scent.

Maddie Hatter: High Tea with an extra helping of steeped Black Tea + Frosted Sugar Cookies (Split Scent)

Magma: A unique blend of Tropical Fruits and Sugared Citrus with Violet Leaf, sweet Japanese Quince, Sun-ripened Cassis, Sparkling Pomelo, and Sun-weathered Driftwood. Redolent of Lush Mountain Greens (Volcano Capri Blue type)

Man Catcher: Coconut Bra + Clever Girls Fall in Love (Split Scent)

Market Lunch: A crispy French Baguette slathered in Strawberry Jam and Sweet Cream Butter (Triple Layer Scent)

Market Treat: Just picked Blueberries + tart Lemon Curd + fresh-baked Baguette (Triple Layer Scent)

Marshmallow Flambé: Perfectly Burnt Sugar and Marshmallow Fluff, all layered on top of Velvet Woods, with a hint of Smoke and bottom notes of Woodsy Musk. (Marshmallow Fireside Type)

Maybon: Ripe Mulberry tossed with slight notes of Juicy Red Apple, Cold Winter Atmosphere, hints of Clary Sage, Jasmine and Winter Musk. A slight dry down of Vetiver and Amber

Meadowlark: Sweet Grass, Clover, Sunshine, and Wildflowers. Very fresh and outdoorsy

Meet Me at Tiki Beach: Toasted Coconut, Fresh Orchid, and hints of Island Citrus bring the beach straight to you

Melon Madness: A medley of Summer Melons, heavy on crisp and sweet Honeydew along with tart Strawberry and a hint of fragrant Peach

Melonade: Fruity and refreshing Watermelon Lemonade

Middle School Dance: Fresh picked Strawberries on a cloud of Cotton Candy with a Vanilla Bean Noel background  (A Golden Willow House Blend)

Middle School Sleepover: Fruity and sweet, with notes of Vanilla Smoothie, Strawberry Jam, and Fruit Loops

Midnight in Granada: Dark Pomegranate, Blackberries, Dewberries, and Tobacco Flower give way to soft Vanilla Sandalwood, Cassis and a hint of Musk

Mimosas with Mary Ann: A refreshing combination of Sliced Lemons and Sparkling Pomelo, layered with Mandarin Zest and Iced Sugar Cane. Delightfully refreshing 

Minerva Cleans Up: Minerva + Avobath (Split Scent)

Minerva: Fresh Pear and Blueberries followed by notes of Cedar, Juniper Berries, White Musk, Douglas Fir, Spruce, and Pineapple

Mistletoe Kisses: Rich, Herbal Pine, sweet Berries, and crisp Green Apples on a base of Balsam, Cedarwood, and Patchouli

Mommy Dearest: Apples, Citrus, and Pumpkin, with hints of Sun-warmed Hay and Nutmeg. Exactly how you dreamed the Ingalls’ attic would smell (aka Ma Ingalls)

Nicholas St. North: Marshmallow Flambé and creamy Vanilla Peppermint

Noel Noel Noel: Warm and comforting Vanilla Bean Noel (Type)

Oatmeal Bath: Clean, soft Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey with just a kiss of sweetness. This is for the dry skin crew!

O-Lan:  Creamy Rice Flower, Citrus Peel, Cotton Blossoms, Night-blooming Jasmine, azure Sky Ozone, Grey Sea Salt, Bamboo Leaves, Vanilla Bean, and Sheer Musk. A clean, spa-like scent.

Oogie Boogie Bait: Flaky Pastry topped with Blueberry Parfait and Toasted Marshmallows (Triple Layer Scent)

Orangina: Bright Orange Soda

Oregon Apple Pickin': Sweet Green Grass, Meadow Air, Warm Hay and hints of Wildflower layered on top of an explosion of Green, Red and Ginger Apples (Split Scent)

Oregon Summer Trifle: Fresh-picked Strawberries, Fluffy Vanilla Whipped Cream, Tart Rhubarb (Triple Layer Scent)

Peach Melba: Pink Sugar + Peaches and Cream + Fresh-picked Strawberries (Triple Layer Scent) (aka Strawberry Melba)

Peacock Lane: Tart Pink Pomegranate, juicy Valencia Orange and just a hint of Coconut on a base of Doug Fir, Clove Leaf, and Cinnamon with a breath of Frozen Air

Pear Shaped: Juicy Barlett Pear mixed with effervescent Lemon-lime Fizzy Pop and a hint of Lovespell (Fruity Floral with Citrus and Cherry Blossom)

Pear Sugar Pop: Lemon Sugar, sweet Pear, and Sparkling Soda

Pendleton: Juniper Berry and Sage, with hints of Wood, Spearmint, Eucalyptus, and Dew (Sweater Weather type)

Pepper Imps: Birch and Black Pepper. A spicy blend of Black Pepper and Cardamom on a bed of lightly floral Sandalwood, Patchouli, and Musk

Peppermint Swizzle Stick: Cool Crisp Peppermint with the slightest hint of Vanilla undertones

Persian Escape: Cool, refreshing Persian Cucumber paired with bold juicy Grapefruit.  Invigorating, refreshing and exceedingly CLEAN smelling. (aka Try to Relax)

Pineapple Pop: Juicy delicious Pineapple and Fizzy Pop

Pink Sand Beaches: Both sweet and refreshing, this blend is a mix of Pink Sugar, Cotton Candy, and Beach Hair. A perfect summer scent!

Pink Summer PopFresh-picked Strawberries, effervescent Lemon-lime soda, and Tart Rhubarb

Pintrest Christmas: A unique blend of delicate Neroli Orange and Meyer lemon Zest with crushed Pine Needles, all wrapped up in Holiday Sugar Cookies warm from the oven. The Christmas creation that you strive for, even if it doesn’t turn out perfectly

Pistachio Dream Cakes: Tasty Pistachio Cake with a hint of Almond, a sweet middle ground between a Cake and a Zucchini Bread type

Pizelle: Vanilla, Sugar and Crisp Buttery Pastry with just the slightest hint of Lemon Zest. Quicker than a trip to little Italy!

Plum Clafoutis: Fruity Plum with hints of Grapefruit in a warm, Vanilla-kissed Pastry Crust with the barest hint of Cinnamon

Plum Tuckered: Spiced Plum and Lemonade

PNW Hotcakes: Berry Medley, Whipped Cream, Stone-ground Grain with a touch of Butter and Maple Syrup. (A Golden Willow House Blend)

Polar Express: Rich and creamy Hot Chocolate topped with Whipped Cream, infused with Vanilla Bean Noel

Powell's Books: A blend for the library lovers and book sniffers! Bold Bourbon and Brown Sugar gives way to layers of Woodsmoke, Burnt Sugar, Old Paper, and just a hint of something baked. This sophisticated scent finishes with whiffs of leather arm chairs. (Triple Layer Scent)

Pretty in Pink: Strawberry White Cake, Strawberry Jam, Fresh picked Strawberry

Pumpkin King: A bright, zesty blend of Satsuma Mandarin and Soft Vanilla-Peppermint Snow Cream

Pumpkin Puff Cake: Warm Pumpkin and Creamy Vanilla Marshmallows

Pumpkin Shake: Vanilla Shake blended with sweet Pumpkin Bread with a hint of Spice

R J Lupin's Dementor Cure: Decadent Chocolate, layered atop Hazelnut Crème and topped with Vanilla Whipped Cream. Sure to chase a dozen Dementors away!

Rainbow Sherbet: Sweet and Fruity with just a touch of creaminess!

Raspberry Lilac: Sweet-tart Raspberries and fragrant Lilacs

Roses Jubilee: Warm Sun-ripened Raspberries on the vine, Sparkling Limoncello and a background of Golden Roses. Inspired by the David Austen™ rose of the same name (A Golden Willow House Blend)

Rosie the Riveter: Straight Tart Summer Rhubarb!

Ruby Nightshade: Sun Ripened Raspberry and Crushed Tomato Leaf

Sailor's Song: Fresh and aquatic male cologne type scent with highlighted by bright Citrus, Rosemary, and Jasmine all on a base of Patchouli. (Aqua di Gio Type)

Salty Mariner: Musky Seaweed, Green Ozone and strong bracing Salty Sea Breezes

Santa Claus Lane: Tart winter Cranberries give way to crisp Bergamot and herbal Eucalyptus. On a base of spicy Cloves infused with rich Amber and sheer Woods.

Satsuma Snow Cream: A bright, zesty blend of Satsuma Mandarin and Soft Vanilla-Peppermint Snow Cream

Satsuma White Tea: Bright Satsuma Citrus mixed with White Tea (White Tea, Apricot Kernels, hints of Nutmeg and Ginger)

Saturday Cereal: Fruit Loops and Buttercream Frosting

Saucy Santa:A perfect balance of Mint and Chocolate alongside a softly simmering pot of cinnamon sticks, clove, vanilla, and a hint of dried fruit

Sauvie Island Nectar: Juicy Apples, Peaches, and Citrus rounded out with a hint of Wildflowers

Sea Island GrapefruitRefreshing Juicy Grapefruit on a whiff of Salty Sea Air. Bright and clean

Shade Garden: A medley of Spearmint, Peppermint, Wintermint with crushed Woodsy Herbs and a hint of Earth.

Sherbet Pips: Fizzing Rainbow Sherbet Candy

Siren's Song: Delicate Florals combine with Sea Salt, Ocean Mist, Sea Moss and Geranium Flower. Laid on top of a bed of earthy Vetiver, Water Mint and White Cedarwood. A perfect unisex scent!

Sissinghurst: Hyacinth, Rose, Cyclamen, trailing Ivy, Green Foliage with a hint of Lime. A symphony of classic blooms that create the backbone of English gardens. Intensely floral without being perfume-y or overpowering

Smoke on the Water: Beach Hair + Hearthsong (Split Scent)

Snickerdoodles: A fresh baked Cookie rolled in sweet Sugar and warming Cinnamon

Snow Cream: Soft Vanilla-Peppermint Snow Cream

Snow Dip: Peacock Lane (Tart Pink Pomegranate, juicy Valencia Orange and just a hint of Coconut on a base of
Doug Fir, Clove Leaf, and Cinnamon with a breath of Frozen Air) + Creamy Coconut 

Snow on the Pines: Doug Fir + Sun on the Snow (Split Scent)

Something In the Woods: A deliciously bold blend of Ground Cinnamon Stick, Nutmeg, and Clove layered with Apple, Cedar and Sandalwood for a woodsy manly effect. (Autumn Night Type) (aka Equinox)

Song of Autumn: Warm and Spicy afternoon Autumn Sunshine with Crisp Fallen Leaves, Spiced Apples, and Clove-scented Pine Cones.

Sparkling Satsuma Snow Cream: Zesty Satsuma Citrus mixed with Snow Cream (a mix of Spearmint and creamy Wintermint) finished with a layer of Fizzy Pop for extra effervescence.

Sparkling Strawberry Snow Cream: Bright Strawberries mixed with Snow Cream (a mix of Spearmint and creamy Wintermint) finished with a layer of Fizzy Pop for extra effervescence.

Spearmint Dream: Sweet, Clean Spearmint

SPF 100: Summery Sunscreen! Coconut with a generous dash of Tropical Fruits and a hit of Sunshine

Stay for a Cuppa: A delicate balance of Neroli Orange Peel and Pekoe Tea Leaves

Stormy Seas: Beach Hair + Rainstorm (Split Scent)

Strawberry Cake: Strawberry White cake and Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Festival: Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream!  Vibrant Berries, fragrant Vanilla Bean, and
rich Cream (Strawberry Scoop Type)

Strawberry Melba: Pink Sugar + Peaches and Cream + Fresh-picked Strawberries (Triple Layer Scent)(aka Peach Melba)

Strawberry Pop: Sweet and tart Strawberries + Fizzy Pop (Split Scent)

Strawberry Quickbreads: Fresh churned Strawberry Ice Cream and Sweet Bakery Dough

Strawberry Snow Cream: Fresh-cut strawberries and Soft Peppermint Snow Cream

Strawberry Taffy: Juicy fresh-picked Strawberries and Saltwater Taffy

Sugar Plum Fairy: Snow Fairy + Dirigible Plums

Sugar Snow: Softly sweet Peppermint Sugar Cookie mixed with Vanilla Bean Noel

SugarBabe: Warm Vanilla Sugar and Rose Jam

Summer Muslins: Bright uplifting Nectarine and White Ginger collide with Linens dried in the sultry tropical Sun

Summertime Slumber Party: Tillamook Creamery + Watermelon Cake + Middle School Sleepover (Triple Layer Scent)

Sun Bleached Linens: Fragrant Lily, Rose, and Jasmine mixed with Sunshine, Citrus and the barest hint of Laundry.

Sun on the Snow: Crisp icy Pear, frozen Melon, and Musk. Smells like walking outside on a fresh coat of snow. Crisp, clean, and just a hint of Fruit.

Sunday Pastries: Graham Cracker house covered with Vanilla Frosting, Cinnamon Sticks, and Juicy Raisins blended with Flaky Pastries

Sweet Luna’s Orchard: Sweet Zesty Sugared Lemon + Clean Lavender, Crisp Macintosh Apple and a hint of Oak (Split Scent) (A Golden Willow House Blend)

Tarocco Zest: Bold, bright Blood Orange.

Tea on the Lawn: White Tea + European Holiday + Grass Stains (Triple Layer Scent)

Tea Time at Ms. Limoncello’s: Sugared Lemon with High Tea (Warm rich Tea, Decadent Cake, and a hint of Citrus)

Tea with the Queen of Hearts: Rich steeped Black Tea with a delicate layer of Rose Jam on Pistachio Dream
Cakes (Split Scent)

Texas Belle: A field of lush Bluebells edged in fragrant Shaded Woods with a waft of tart Persimmons and bright Lily of the Valley (Jo Malone Type)

The Four Realms: All the things that make life sweet! Sugary Candy Canes with slight hints of Fizz
and Spice (Elf Sweat Type)

Three Broomsticks: Hermione’s Bluebell Flame + Go Round Hagrid's + Warm Pumpkin Apple Butter (Triple Layer Scent)

Three Sheets to the Beach: Cocoamo + Clean Laundry + Beach Hair (Triple Layer Scent)

Tillamook Creamery: A sweet combination of tart summer Raspberry on a bed of airy Sweet Cream (Yankee Type)

Tokyo Rose:  Apple, Candied Citrus and just a hint of Spice. Named for the prettiest Apple in the orchard (Winter Candy Apple type)(aka Winter Candy Apple)

Trelawney’s Tower: High Tea (Warm rich Tea, Decadent Cake, and a hint of Citrus) topped with a layer of Pistachio Dream Cake (Tasty Pistachio Cake with a hint of Almond, a sweet middle ground between a Cake and a Zucchini Bread type) (Split Scent)

True Blood: Blackberry, Strawberry, Raspberry and Apricots mixed with tangy Salt Water Taffy (aka Boardwalk Baby)

Try to Relax: Cool, refreshing Persian Cucumber paired with bold juicy Grapefruit.  Invigorating, refreshing and exceedingly CLEAN smelling. (aka Persian Escape)

Vanilla Hazelnut: Creamy, sweet Vanilla mixed with Toasted Hazelnuts

Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow: Rich Vanilla, Sweetly Spicy Pumpkin and toasty Marshmallow

Vanilla Shake: Smooth, creamy, and frosty. A big glass of Vibrant Vanilla Beans in rich Cream

Velvet Arugula: Spicy green Arugula with a dash of velvety Black Peppercorns. Fresh with earthy, spicy undertones

Warm Vanilla Sugar: Warm Vanilla just lightly kissed with Amber

Watermelon Cake: White Cake with creamy Frosting and perfectly ripe, juicy Watermelon

Weasley Sweaters: Juniper Berry and Sage, with hints of Wood, Spearmint, Eucalyptus, and Dew (Sweater Weather Type) (aka Pendleton)

White Tea: White Tea, Apricot Kernels, hints of Nutmeg and Ginger combine into an unexpected and delightful blend

Wildberry Zinger Tea: Wild Berries (Blackberry, Huckleberry, Loganberry) on a bed of Hibiscus Blossoms, blended with Black Tea 

Windfall: Fresh Green Apple and sweet Pineapple, hints of Jasmine and Lily with base notes of Musk and Amber (B&BW Type)

Winter Candy Apple: Apple, Candied Citrus, and just a hint of Spice. Named for the prettiest Apple in the orchard (aka Tokyo Rose)

Winter Duvet: Soft and Fuzzy strong Laundry scent. Fresh Cotton with clean undertones

Winter Hike: Sun on the Snow + Pendleton + Doug Fir (Triple Layer Scent)

Winter Minter: A slightly softer mint of Wintergreen and Spearmint with hints of warm Vanilla. Crisp yet cozy.

Winter Spritzer: Fresh Rosemary and bright Pink Grapefruit combine for a clean, refreshing cocktail

Witches' Brew: All Hallows Eve + Wildberry Zinger Tea (Split Scent)

Woodsman: Doug Fir and Wy'east

Wy'East: Crisp Pine Needles, rich Fir Balsam, sweet Berries, warm Spices and Patchouli are surrounded by Vanilla Musk for an outdoors sensation 

Young Lycidas: An intriguing and offbeat blend of Tea Rose blending into soft Cedar and a hint of Spice. Bonus: it's a PDX Rose Fest winner!