Current Scent List

 Alpine Hike: Sun on the Snow + Doug Fir + cool Peppermint (Triple Layer Scent)

All Hallows Eve: Cider, Pumpkins, wisps of Citrus, Spice, and a slight hint of Fall Breeze

Apple Pickin’ Tree: Sweet Apple carried on the Breeze mixed with Crushed Clover and Fresh Green Grass

Baby Snatcher: Apricot and Wild Stonefruit drenched in Cream and blended with Burts Baby Bee for a truly squishable scent. (A Golden Willow House Blend)

Beach Hair: Notes of Crisp Ozone, Salty Sea Spray on sun-kissed skin, a hint of Driftwood, and the slightest whisper of Water Lily

Bear Creek Comice: Named for my favorite local WA Pears and the farm they grow ‘em on. The most delightful mix of Warm Sugar and perfectly ripe Orchard Pears

Black Friday Breakfast: Crisp, Yeasty Pumpkin Waffles, drenched in Dark Maple Syrup with Toasted Pecans and tossed in Brown Sugar (Pumpkin Pecan Waffle type)

Cashmere Snowday: Cashmere woods, notes of sensual soft amber with end notes of vanilla caramel and clean air

Christmas at Cannon Beach: Doug Fir + Beach Hair + Peppermint Swizzle Sticks (Triple Layer Scent)

Clara: Bright Strawberry with Creamy Peppermint

Clever Girls Fall in Love: Amber Romance and Warm Vanilla Sugar (Amber Romance type)

Coconut Bra: Raw, creamed Coconut with traces of Salty Sea Air and a hint of Amber

Columbia Overcast: Smells like Berry picking on an overcast day! Tart Blackberries, freshly cut Bay Leaf and Brambly Vines with a hint of verdant Shaded Woods.

Come Round Hagrid’s: Bold notes of Maple Sugar, Steeped Tea, and Woodsmoke on base notes of Robust Whiskey

Corey Cleans House: Sugared Lemon with Cotton & Blossoms

Coven: A mellow, rich autumn blend with bright notes of Cinnamon, Apple, Peach, sparkling wild Berries and just a hint of Clove

Cranberry Chutney: A traditional blend of Zested Orange and Spiced Berries steeped in Crisp, Tart Cranberries

Crème Horn: Sweet Bakery Dough blended with Caramel Crème Custard

Cuddle Puddle: Fresh Linen and Warm Vanilla Sugar (A Golden Willow House

Dobby's Best Socks: Clean Cardamom, understated Rose, and Cedar Wood. Clean and calming, with a nice soft finish

Dole Whips: Juicy Delicious Pineapple + Vanilla Whipped Cream (Split Scent) (A Golden Willow House Blend)

Donuts with Draper Girls: Crisp Apple Cider, Warm Fried Dough dipped in Cinnamon Sugar (Cider Donut Type

Doug Fir: A Forest of fresh Pacific Northwest Pine

Draper Lane: Sweet Apple Cider, rich creamy Caramel and a hint of Spice (Cider Lane Type)

Drought Resistant Lawn:  Cactus Hour (Fresh Flowers and Coconut on a base of Sandalwood) + Fresh Cut Grass (Split Scent) ( A Golden Willow House Blend)

Equinox: A deliciously bold blend of Ground Cinnamon Stick, Nutmeg, and Clove layered with Apple, Cedar and Sandalwood for a woodsy manly effect. (Autumn Night Type)

Fall Market Lunch: A crispy French Baguette slathered in Apple-Pumpkin Butter and Sweet Cream Butter  (Triple Layer Scent)

Fall on the Fruit Loop: Ripe, Juicy Golden Peaches and Sun-warmed Apples, with hints of Spice and the slightest note of Wood Smoke. Fall Air on the dry down

Fall Streusel Muffin: Warm, fragrant Pastry, Apple, Pumpkin, and Spiced Streusel

French Baguette: Fresh baked yeasty bread, straight from the oven to your nose!

Ginny Weasley Drinks Martinis: Spicy Zippy Ginger mixed with Tart Apple. Invigorating, a little offbeat, and very refreshing

*Girl Make Your bed!: Clean Bright Yuzu citrus and sea salt, blended with Cotton and blossoms for a refreshing clean sheet feel!

Grimoire: Smoky Fragrant Fire, Woodsy Herbs hung to dry, a hint of Burnt Sugar. Layers of Pumpkin-Apple Butter and Spice swim on Aged Leaves bound up in the family Book of Spells

Hearthsong: Gentle, twilight Zephyrs and Bonfire, with notes of dried, wind-blown Leaves, Heliotrope, Charred Pine and Cedar, hints of Smoky Sandalwood on a background of Roasted Vanilla Marshmallows and Caramelized Sugar. A perfect unisex scent ( A Bonfire Bliss Type)

Holiday hookup: Sensual and complex! Notes of Pomegranate and Amber with the barest hint of exotic rosewood and maybe some far away spices. On a bed of cozy flannel sheets, this is a new favorite blend for the complex laundry crowd!

Jessie's Cinnamon Broom: Like walking into a fragrant craft store in the fall! Hot Cinnamon, Falling Leaves, and Pine Cones

Jude the Obscure: Sparkling effervescent Moscato mixes with a hint of Guava and Tropical Fruits with only the slightest hint of Old Rose on the end notes. Inspired by the David Austen™ Rose of the Same Name. ( A Golden Willow House Blend)

Keep off Dirigible Plums: Juicy Spiced Plums, a hint of Berry, and a dash of Pine.

Kimberly’s Cauldron Cakes: Warm notes of Cake, Sweet Sugar, and Cinnamon. Amish Friendship Bread

Kraken: Beach Hair + Peppermint Swizzle Sticks. Salty Sea Air with a heavy hit of Mint. Ice cold refreshing! (Split Scent) (aka Kraken)

Lemon Sugar: Sweet Meyer Lemons tossed in Sugar with a hint of Tart Berries

Light of the Eldar: Dark Juicy Blackberry, Woodsy Green Herbs, Silver and Golden Elderflower. A scent straight from Middle Earth <3

Luna’s Apple Orchard: Lavender, Oak, and Macintosh Apple create a blend reminiscent of late summer in the Orchards heavy with Apples

Maddie Hatter: High Tea with an extra helping of steeped Black Tea + Frosted Sugar Cookies (Split Scent)

Marshmallow Flambé: Perfectly Burnt Sugar and Marshmallow Fluff, all layered on top of Velvet Woods, with a hint of Smoke and bottom notes of Woodsy Musk. (Marshmallow Fireside Type)

Meadowlark: Sweet Grass, Clover, Sunshine, and Wildflowers. Very fresh and outdoorsy

Melonade: Fruity and refreshing Watermelon Lemonade

Minerva: Fresh Pear and Blueberries followed by notes of Cedar, Juniper Berries, White Musk, Douglas Fir, Spruce, and Pineapple

Mistletoe Kisses: Rich, Herbal Pine, sweet Berries, and crisp Green Apples on a base of Balsam, Cedarwood, and Patchouli

Noel Noel Noel: Warm and comforting Vanilla Bean Noel (Type)

Oregon Apple Pickin': Sweet Green Grass, Meadow Air, Warm Hay and hints of Wildflower layered on top of an explosion of Green, Red and Ginger Apples (Split Scent)

Peacock Lane: Tart Pink Pomegranate, juicy Valencia Orange and just a hint of Coconut on a base of Doug Fir, Clove Leaf, and Cinnamon with a breath of Frozen Air

Pendleton: Juniper Berry and Sage, with hints of Wood, Spearmint, Eucalyptus, and Dew (Sweater Weather type)

Pepper Imps: Birch and Black Pepper. A spicy blend of Black Pepper and Cardamom on a bed of lightly floral Sandalwood, Patchouli, and Musk

Pintrest Christmas: A unique blend of delicate Neroli Orange and Meyer lemon Zest with crushed Pine Needles, all wrapped up in Holiday Sugar Cookies warm from the oven. The Christmas creation that you strive for, even if it doesn’t turn out perfectly

Powell's Books: A blend for the library lovers and book sniffers! Bold Bourbon and Brown Sugar gives way to layers of Woodsmoke, Burnt Sugar, Old Paper, and just a hint of something baked. This sophisticated scent finishes with whiffs of leather arm chairs. (Triple Layer Scent)

Santa Claus Lane: Tart winter Cranberries give way to crisp Bergamot and herbal Eucalyptus. On a base of spicy Cloves infused with rich Amber and sheer Woods.

Saucy Santa:A perfect balance of Mint and Chocolate alongside a softly simmering pot of cinnamon sticks, clove, vanilla, and a hint of dried fruit

Snickerdoodles: A fresh baked Cookie rolled in sweet Sugar and warming Cinnamon

Snow Dip: Peacock Lane (Tart Pink Pomegranate, juicy Valencia Orange and just a hint of Coconut on a base of
Doug Fir, Clove Leaf, and Cinnamon with a breath of Frozen Air) + Creamy Coconut 

Song of Autumn: Warm and Spicy afternoon Autumn Sunshine with Crisp Fallen Leaves, Spiced Apples, and Clove-scented Pine Cones.

SugarBabe: Warm Vanilla Sugar and Rose Jam

Sunday Pastries: Graham Cracker house covered with Vanilla Frosting, Cinnamon Sticks, and Juicy Raisins blended with Flaky Pastries

Three Broomsticks: Hearthsong + Go Round Hagrid's + Warm Pumpkin Apple Butter (Triple Layer Scent)

Winter Candy Apple: Apple, Candied Citrus, and just a hint of Spice. Named for the prettiest Apple in the orchard (aka Tokyo Rose)

Winter Duvet: Soft and Fuzzy strong Laundry scent. Fresh Cotton with clean undertones

Wy'East: Crisp Pine Needles, rich Fir Balsam, sweet Berries, warm Spices and Patchouli are surrounded by Vanilla Musk for an outdoors sensation

Velvet Arugula: Spicy green Arugula with a dash of velvety Black Peppercorns. Fresh with earthy, spicy undertones

European Holiday: A blend of invigorating Leafy Greens & Bright Florals, Basil, Citrus, with notes of Amber and Musk on the dry down. Traditional blend used in body washes in the bathhouses of Germany, France, and Belgium.