Current Scent List


All Hallows Eve: Cider, Pumpkins, wisps of Citrus, Spice, and a slight hint of Fall Breeze

Apple Pickin’ Tree: Sweet Apple carried on the Breeze mixed with Crushed Clover and Fresh Green Grass

Baby Snatcher: Apricot and Wild Stonefruit drenched in Cream and blended with Burts Baby Bee for a truly squishable scent. (A Golden Willow House Blend)

Beach Hair: Notes of Crisp Ozone, Salty Sea Spray on sun-kissed skin, a hint of Driftwood, and the slightest whisper of Water Lily

Black Friday Breakfast: Crisp, Yeasty Pumpkin Waffles, drenched in Dark Maple Syrup with Toasted Pecans and tossed in Brown Sugar (Pumpkin Pecan Waffle type)

Clara: Bright Strawberry with Creamy Peppermint

Clever Girls Fall in Love: Amber Romance and Warm Vanilla Sugar (Amber Romance type)

Coconut Bra: Raw, creamed Coconut with traces of Salty Sea Air and a hint of Amber

Columbia Overcast: Smells like Berry picking on an overcast day! Tart Blackberries, freshly cut Bay Leaf and Brambly Vines with a hint of verdant Shaded Woods.

Come Round Hagrid’s: Bold notes of Maple Sugar, Steeped Tea, and Woodsmoke on base notes of Robust Whiskey

Corey Cleans House: Sugared Lemon with Cotton & Blossoms

Coven: A mellow, rich autumn blend with bright notes of Cinnamon, Apple, Peach, sparkling wild Berries and just a hint of Clove

Crème Horn: Sweet Bakery Dough blended with Caramel Crème Custard

Cuddle Puddle: Fresh Linen and Warm Vanilla Sugar (A Golden Willow House

Dobby's Best Socks: Clean Cardamom, understated Rose, and Cedar Wood. Clean and calming, with a nice soft finish

Dole Whips: Juicy Delicious Pineapple + Vanilla Whipped Cream (Split Scent) (A Golden Willow House Blend)

Donuts with Draper Girls: Crisp Apple Cider, Warm Fried Dough dipped in Cinnamon Sugar (Cider Donut Type

Doug Fir: A Forest of fresh Pacific Northwest Pine

Draper Lane: Sweet Apple Cider, rich creamy Caramel and a hint of Spice (Cider Lane Type)

Drought Resistant Lawn:  Cactus Hour (Fresh Flowers and Coconut on a base of Sandalwood) + Fresh Cut Grass (Split Scent) ( A Golden Willow House Blend)

Equinox: A deliciously bold blend of Ground Cinnamon Stick, Nutmeg, and Clove layered with Apple, Cedar and Sandalwood for a woodsy manly effect. (Autumn Night Type)

Fall Market Lunch: A crispy French Baguette slathered in Apple-Pumpkin Butter and Sweet Cream Butter  (Triple Layer Scent)

Fall on the Fruit Loop: Ripe, Juicy Golden Peaches and Sun-warmed Apples, with hints of Spice and the slightest note of Wood Smoke. Fall Air on the dry down

Fall Streusel Muffin: Warm, fragrant Pastry, Apple, Pumpkin, and Spiced Streusel

French Baguette: Fresh baked yeasty bread, straight from the oven to your nose!

Ginny Weasley Drinks Martinis: Spicy Zippy Ginger mixed with Tart Apple. Invigorating, a little offbeat, and very refreshing

Grimoire: Smoky Fragrant Fire, Woodsy Herbs hung to dry, a hint of Burnt Sugar. Layers of Pumpkin-Apple Butter and Spice swim on Aged Leaves bound up in the family Book of Spells

Hearthsong: Gentle, twilight Zephyrs and Bonfire, with notes of dried, wind-blown Leaves, Heliotrope, Charred Pine and Cedar, hints of Smoky Sandalwood on a background of Roasted Vanilla Marshmallows and Caramelized Sugar. A perfect unisex scent ( A Bonfire Bliss Type)

Jessie's Cinnamon Broom: Like walking into a fragrant craft store in the fall! Hot Cinnamon, Falling Leaves, and Pine Cones

Jude the Obscure: Sparkling effervescent Moscato mixes with a hint of Guava and Tropical Fruits with only the slightest hint of Old Rose on the end notes. Inspired by the David Austen™ Rose of the Same Name. ( A Golden Willow House Blend)

Keep off Dirigible Plums: Juicy Spiced Plums, a hint of Berry, and a dash of Pine.

Kimberly’s Cauldron Cakes: Warm notes of Cake, Sweet Sugar, and Cinnamon. Amish Friendship Bread

Lemon Sugar: Sweet Meyer Lemons tossed in Sugar with a hint of Tart Berries

Light of the Eldar: Dark Juicy Blackberry, Woodsy Green Herbs, Silver and Golden Elderflower. A scent straight from Middle Earth <3

Luna’s Apple Orchard: Lavender, Oak, and Macintosh Apple create a blend reminiscent of late summer in the Orchards heavy with Apples

Maddie Hatter: High Tea with an extra helping of steeped Black Tea + Frosted Sugar Cookies (Split Scent)

Meadowlark: Sweet Grass, Clover, Sunshine, and Wildflowers. Very fresh and outdoorsy

Melonade: Fruity and refreshing Watermelon Lemonade

Minerva: Fresh Pear and Blueberries followed by notes of Cedar, Juniper Berries, White Musk, Douglas Fir, Spruce, and Pineapple

Noel Noel Noel: Warm and comforting Vanilla Bean Noel (Type)

Oregon Apple Pickin': Sweet Green Grass, Meadow Air, Warm Hay and hints of Wildflower layered on top of an explosion of Green, Red and Ginger Apples (Split Scent)

Pendleton: Juniper Berry and Sage, with hints of Wood, Spearmint, Eucalyptus, and Dew (Sweater Weather type)

Pepper Imps: Birch and Black Pepper. A spicy blend of Black Pepper and Cardamom on a bed of lightly floral Sandalwood, Patchouli, and Musk

Powell's Books: A blend for the library lovers and book sniffers! Bold Bourbon and Brown Sugar gives way to layers of Woodsmoke, Burnt Sugar, Old Paper, and just a hint of something baked. This sophisticated scent finishes with whiffs of leather arm chairs. (Triple Layer Scent)

Snickerdoodles: A fresh baked Cookie rolled in sweet Sugar and warming Cinnamon

Snow Dip: Peacock Lane (Tart Pink Pomegranate, juicy Valencia Orange and just a hint of Coconut on a base of
Doug Fir, Clove Leaf, and Cinnamon with a breath of Frozen Air) + Creamy Coconut 

Song of Autumn: Warm and Spicy afternoon Autumn Sunshine with Crisp Fallen Leaves, Spiced Apples, and Clove-scented Pine Cones.

SugarBabe: Warm Vanilla Sugar and Rose Jam

Sunday Pastries: Graham Cracker house covered with Vanilla Frosting, Cinnamon Sticks, and Juicy Raisins blended with Flaky Pastries

Three Broomsticks: Hearthsong + Go Round Hagrid's + Warm Pumpkin Apple Butter (Triple Layer Scent)

Winter Candy Apple: Apple, Candied Citrus, and just a hint of Spice. Named for the prettiest Apple in the orchard (aka Tokyo Rose)

Winter Duvet: Soft and Fuzzy strong Laundry scent. Fresh Cotton with clean undertones

Wy'East: Crisp Pine Needles, rich Fir Balsam, sweet Berries, warm Spices and Patchouli are surrounded by Vanilla Musk for an outdoors sensation

Velvet Arugula: Spicy green Arugula with a dash of velvety Black Peppercorns. Fresh with earthy, spicy undertones

European Holiday: A blend of invigorating Leafy Greens & Bright Florals, Basil, Citrus, with notes of Amber and Musk on the dry down. Traditional blend used in body washes in the bathhouses of Germany, France, and Belgium.