Core Scents

In addition to our seasonal offerings, we try to offer a mix of 4-15 items off our core list. These are a combination of our signature scents, customer requests, and best sellers. If you would like to vote on the next month’s scent list, join our FB group and keep an eye out for the survey! I design each month’s offerings with the results in mind.  (updated October 2017)


All Hallows Eve: Cider, Pumpkins, wisps of Citrus, Spice, and a slight hint of Fall Breeze

Amortentia: Love Spell (Fruity Floral with Citrus and Cherry Blossom) and Sparkling Limoncello

Avobath: A whopping power punch of Refreshing Lemongrass and Invigorating Citrus

Baby Snatcher: Apricot and Wild Stonefruit drenched in Cream and blended with Burts Baby Bee for a truly squishable scent. ( A Golden Willow House Blend)

Bali Ha’i: Sweet Pineapple, Acai Berry, Mango, Tart Passionfruit, Yuzu Zest, Green Apple, Orchid Leaves, and Musky nuances that blend to create the perfect tropical escape

Beach Hair: Notes of Crisp Ozone, Salty Sea Spray on sun-kissed skin, a hint of Driftwood, and the slightest whisper of Water Lily

Blackberry Burst: Intensely realistic Juicy Tart Blackberry

Blackberry Buttercream Pie: Juicy Tart Blackberries, Creamy Vanilla, Buttercream Pie and Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies ( A Golden Willow House Blend)

Cactus Hour:  Fresh Florals blend with creamy Coconut on a bed of Sandalwood and Musk (Baja Cactus Bloom Type)

Cocoamo: Creamy Coconut on a bed of Limes with a dash of bright Verbena

Cool those hands, Luke: Cooool Cucumber and Mint. For when life is getting grabby and you just need to chill

Corey Cleans House: Sugared Lemon with Cotton & Blossoms

Cotton & Blossoms: A subtle blend of Jasmine, Violet and Gardenia, with a Sparkling Lemon Zest Twist. Just a hint of Vanilla on the dry down. The cleanest of laundry! 

Cuddle Puddle: Fresh Linen and Warm Vanilla Sugar (A Golden Willow House Blend)

Derby Days: Muddled Mint Leaves, Lime Juice, Sparkling Sugar Cane and hint of Lemon Zest (Sparkling Mojito type)

DoleWhip: Juicy Delicious Pineapple + Vanilla Whipped Cream (Split Scent) (A Golden Willow House Blend)

Drought Resistant Lawn:  Cactus Hour (Fresh Flowers and Coconut on a base of Sandalwood) + Fresh Cut Grass (Split Scent) ( A Golden Willow House Blend)

European Holiday: A blend of invigorating Leafy Greens & Bright Florals, Basil, Citrus, with notes of Amber and Musk on the dry down. Traditional blend used in body washes in the bathhouses of Germany, France, and Belgium.

Fizzing Whizzbee: Blackberry Burst + Fizzy Pop + Tart Green Apple (Triple Layer Scent)

Girl, You So Salty: Bracingly clean Sea Salt tossed with Sweet Yuzu Citrus 

Grass Stains: Fresh Cut Grass and Sweet Summer Air. 

Green Apple Pop: Pure essence of Crisp Tart Green Apples bursting with juice on a background of Effervescent Fizzy Soda

Iced Lemon Bundt Cake: Rich Buttery Pound Cake with a healthy hit of Lemons and Frosting!

Jessie, Wash Your Hair!:  Woody Rosemary and Invigorating Mint on a bed of Creamy Vanilla Musk (Aveda Type)

Jude the Obscure: Sparkling effervescent Moscato mixes with a hint of Guava and Tropical Fruits with only the slightest hint of Old Rose on the end notes. Inspired by the David Austen™ Rose of the Same Name. ( A Golden Willow House Blend)

Lemon Sugar: Sweet Meyer Lemons tossed in Sugar with a hint of Tart Berries

Love in the Garden: Lilacs, Butterfly Bushes and softly sweet Ripe Raspberries tossed with Pink Sugar (Cotton Candy, Tart Pink Berries on a bed of Sugared Musk)

Luna Goes Coconuts: Invigorating Lavender on a bed of Creamy Coconut Milk

Luna Goes to Florida: Invigorating Lavender blends with Juicy Clementine

Luna’s Apple Orchard: Lavender, Oak, and Macintosh Apple create a blend reminiscent of late summer in the Orchards heavy with Apples

Ma Ingalls: Apples, Citrus, and Pumpkin, with hints of Sun-warmed Hay and Nutmeg. Exactly how you dreamed the Ingalls’ attic would smell

Middle School Dance: Fresh picked Strawberries on a cloud of Cotton Candy with a Vanilla Bean Noel background  (A Golden Willow House Blend)

Mimosas with Maryann: A refreshing combination of Sliced Lemons and Sparkling Pomelo, layered with Mandarin Zest and Iced Sugar Cane. Delightfully refreshing 

Oregon Summer Trifle: Fresh-picked Strawberries, Fluffy Vanilla Whipped Cream, Tart Rhubarb  (Triple Layer Scent)

Pear Shaped: Juicy Barlett Pear mixed with effervescent Lemon-lime Fizzy Pop and a hint of Lovespell (Fruity Floral with Citrus and Cherry Blossom)

Pink Summer PopFresh-picked Strawberries, effervescent Lemon-lime soda, and Tart Rhubarb

PNW Hotcakes: Berry Medley, Whipped Cream, Stone-ground Grain with a touch of Butter and Maple Syrup.  (A Golden Willow House Blend)

Pretty in Pink: Strawberry White Cake, Strawberry Jam, Fresh-picked Strawberry

Shade Garden: A medley of Spearmint, Peppermint, Wintermint with crushed Woodsy Herbs and a hint of Earth.

Siren Song: Delicate Florals combine with Sea Salt, Ocean Mist, Sea Moss and Geranium Flower. Laid on top of a bed of earthy Vetiver, Water Mint and White Cedarwood. A perfect unisex scent!

Sissinghurst: Hyacinth, rose, cyclamen, trailing ivy, green foliage with a hint of lime. A symphony of classic blooms that create the backbone of English gardens. Intensely floral without being perfume-y or overpowering

Strawberry Cake: Strawberry White cake and Strawberry Jam

Sunday Pastries: Graham Cracker house covered with Vanilla Frosting, Cinnamon Sticks, and Juicy Raisins blended with Flaky Pastries

Sweet Luna’s Orchard: Sweet Zesty Sugared Lemon + Clean Lavender, Crisp Macintosh Apple and a hint of Oak  (Split Scent) (A Golden Willow House Blend)

Tea Time at Ms. Limoncello’s: Sugared Lemon with High Tea (Warm rich Tea, Decadent Cake, and a hint of Citrus)

The Earl of Waters: Aqua di Gio and Earl Gray Tea ( A Golden Willow House Blend)

White Tea: White Tea, Apricot Kernels, hints of Nutmeg and Ginger combine into an unexpected and delightful blend