About Us

Golden Willow Waxes was created in early 2017 as the artistic confluence of many hobbies and a former career as an Executive Chef. Following my departure from professional kitchens and 65-80 hour weeks, becoming a stay at home mom with lots of time on my hands was more than a bit confounding at first. I taught myself to quilt, landed a board member postion on the PMQG, took up gardening and canning, and cosmetically “flipped” a house. No matter what medium I tried, nothing brought me as much joy as tinkering over recipes, or potions, as I lovingly refer to them. For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed employing the senses when cooking to invoke memory and comfort and wonder. As a lifelong fan of all things fragrance,  trying my hand at scent mixing seemed like a natural extenson of my Bakers/ Pastry Arts passion and technical training. I get to devlop highly technical recipes and procedures while still being whimsical and artistic.  I like to think that my culinary background shines through in some of our scent combinations and pairings!

 Because of YOU, I get to wake up and make everyday. Our gratitude knows no bounds, though we strive to show it by offering the utmost professionalism and reliable shipping & Turn around Times, always.

We typically host large restocks once every 3-6 weeks, with customs and Made to Order available always. On Instagram we are @GoldWillowWaxes, tag us or use the #goldenwillowwaxes hashtag for a chance at winning more wax!

We'd love to have you join our Facebook group    https://www.facebook.com/groups/GWWaxes/ ! Over there you'll find details on our upcoming collections and samplers as well as sale info and the occasional giveaway. We LOVE to see your pictures and enthusiasm for our products!

We are always happy to answer any questions or concerns about our products. We can be reached fastest via email @ Goldenwillowwaxes@gmail.com