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Scent Shots are a great way to try out a lot of scents. Our scent shots come in oval polypropylene cups, in 1.8-2 oz portions. One cup can be cut into halves (or thirds for wall warmers).


New Scents

Back Forty:  Fields of fresh cut grass with wild overabundant foliage. Wafts of wild blackberry and mulberry carried on the breeze with just a hint of late summer dew (Ale's new favorite. reminds me of walking back through fields after evening chores on the farm) 

Brazilian Coconut Butt: ( Coconut Butt on labels) Our interpretation of Sol De Janerios Coconut Water cream and perfume. Rich raw coconut, hints of amber, on a bed of vanilla and caramel creme. 

Plum Tuckered: Spicy Plum lemonade. A delightfully zippy blend for people who generally might not be drawn to FRUITY PUNCHY blends

Tropical Splash: A blend of a Waikiki Coconut type with an added helping of pink tropical fruits ( guava, citrus, dragonfruit, berry)

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers: A Jo Malone inspired blend. Soft Lemon and Green Mountain Sorrel. Perfectly refreshing and sophisticated 

Village Green: A combination of Sissinghurst + Earthy verdant greenery+ Garden Mint. A thoroughly English Countryside smell